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This site has all the Bible Codes from the old Exodus 2006 website. These codes were found by a group of independent researchers who met on the Yahoo! email groups since around 2003 - Fab (Fabrice Bect from France), L0rd Kyr0n (Juan from Spain), Jimmie Cash (USA), Jim Wright (USA), Al Sutton (USA), Lyuben Piperov (Bulgaria), Dubman (USA), Iciple (USA), Inpixso (Fred from Holland), Mayra (Argentina), EP (Israel), GlobalMirage, Futuro2012, Donna, Sebastjian, and Andy (myself).

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"...seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end." Daniel 12:4

Recently found Bible codes -

Obama and his assassination; or the head in the shadow

IBM Roadrunner

Roadrunner on the evil song

The Pope

The gift he traded is Jesus, My Messiah.

You will resurrect like you will renew the Creation

New World, He made you beautiful.

I will praise Paul the Apostle.

Jesus is in Paul.

His evil is Guantanamo

Obama and his assassination; or the head in the shadow

The Beast is Rome, to God, and is gentile, and a sign

Blasphemy against the Spirit.

Freemasonry is wickedness, from the evidence.

In Auschwitz

We will hit President Kennedy. - Audible is their conspiracy

The Lord of the Sabbath.

The Lord of the Sabbath is a Lion.

A Watcher is an Angel; according to Jesus.


Against the lie; bring forth theocracy!

From God; the Beast. - The Empire

The Empire; hand of the Nazi.

By the Dragon; the Empire.

The tree of Rome is the beast.

Feng Shui shall be wiped out

A Root of Bitterness

Camps of the USA. FEMA for them.

For the captivity are the camps of the USA. It will be according to FEMA

The Baptist, as chief, is not Elijah.

FEMA Camps. You will set up.

FEMA Camps. - In the USA, their goddess

The Baptist, according to God, is not Elijah

They broke her. I will judge, I will burn in America.

The False Prophet

God set a time for the great plundering.

The great plundering, of the cult, is a teacher for the proud.

They punished hundreds with the great plundering of the banks.

The great plundering is a famine. - The great wealth of the West.

Against them will be the credit crisis. Threatening is the great plundering.

Bankers from Babylon the Great

Straw in the fire; the Illuminati.

From the houses of - the subprimes - you will be financed

Come now, you rich men!

Come now, you rich men! By fire I will judge.

Bloody was Gladio

The Man, The Man

The global crisis is a conspiracy, we will be threatened

Alas! The global crisis was financed

The iniquities of the lofty, are in the global crisis of the cult.

Sin, crime of Bin Laden, I will be plotted; and the ruffian is Bush

A light, Radiesthesia? No!

The Kryon is a demon.

From God; Kryon is a demon.

You will cause to stray with the Kryon, a demon.


King of Salem

Their Holy One, to me, is the King of Salem

Here I am! Melchizedek

You are seeing the evil eye of the prophet.

You will proceed to an atomic holocaust, repent

Sin is iniquity, obey the commandment for you!

Sin is iniquity, forever.

Torture is iniquity.

In the Sabbath is the Day of the Lord

Times of the Nations - Day of the Lord

Vow, Higgs Boson, you shall conceive.

Alzheimer to occupy the dying.

The plane will fall

In money and in gold - Rockefeller

The Archangel is Your power

The Archangel whipped you.

We will behave disgracefully, Obama.

You will become desolated, her prophet, the bitter Siddhartha, glorified himself, they taught.

My witness Paul is correct; from the door!


They were stricken with illness from Yah, for Paul is an Apostle!

The Apostle to the gentiles is a son of God.

Russian Army - Invasion of

Description according to the panic of 2008


An oddity of the enemy is New Year's Eve

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Codes of special interest -

Large Clusters ----

A site which is Romulus for me, aliens and that one who is not.

Come here Elijah! - The world is the place of burning and God created the mourning.

Obama is a Nazi

To bring bad luck upon them; Obama

Financial Crisis

Description according to the panic of 2008
Evil economic crisis

Evil economic crisis
The stock market crisis is economic.
Stock Market crisis - Economic; a fire from God.
Economic pit
He will put to death Wall Street.
We will be depressed; in 2009 is the peak.
Suitable, you will crush (with) a financial crisis.
The Plan is an injustice against them. - Paulson panicked them.
Paulson - The evil for them: The Plan.
Paulson is suitable. - Plan - And the seven years of famine began to come.
By the lofty Baal; be fruitful! The Dollar will fall. - Desolation of Nod.
World-wide famine - Sign in 2009 - Iranian cloud
World-wide famine; the West is naked. - In 2008, from the Father, are the signs, fast!
World-wide famine - In 2008, from the Father, are the signs.
World-wide famine - In 2008, from the Father, are the signs.
A great famine; shelter yourselves My people!
There will be a great famine. - He pitched a tent as a witness for you in 2008.

Others -----

The Beast is M. Romney.

Mormonism. To me, religion of the Beast!

Shooting of Obama - 2008 President

From the back, B. Obama was killed; you committed a crime.

You will proceed to an atomic holocaust. Repent!

By the lofty Baal; be fruitful! The Dollar will fall. - Desolation of Nod.

Suspicion of an Obama assassination is in him, as in them, what a pity for your wickedness; this is the cult!

Extend! From Yah a light; Barack Obama is the death!

Reservoir of cleanness, Ron Paul is good

H. Clinton is your enemy. - In the calamity is the evil. - Thus: a foundation for the master is in her!

Those rising against me are in the Fourth Reich, for me the tribulation!

We will divide Iran; his country trembled.

The lofty George W. Bush is his priest; he circumcised. - In your house is an enemy of the Lamb

Destruction of Iran

He will strike, a heap is Iran. They will be destroyed, end of the tree!

Iran will destroy. - Holocaust, hand of Bush

Iran will be destroyed: Fire by God

That Iran will be destroyed

(The country) of Iran will be destroyed.

Iran will be destroyed

Bull's eye destruction - his archers the USA.

He shall smite: death of the city of Damascus!

Salvation for the city of Damascus? No!

With an overpowering desire, they came; Satan and Bush

Bush is a son of Satan

Bush is King of Babylon - our death is his fire

The bloody George W. Bush is dead

Ah! You surveyed for them a "mystery of death": G W Bush.

The god of the CIA is Bush. The demon!

Nine Eleven is for the ruler.

September 11 - comes from a conspiracy

The devastation of Nine Eleven; a brotherhood! - Bush is in it, he will do wrong in it.

Pentagon - cheat! - a kind of missile!

They shall be silenced. Highness of nine-eleven.

The beginning of "the Time of the End"

Synagogue of Satan - Bearer of the cult of Bush.

Babylon is for the demon, he is the ruler for the Order of Death.

Satan, "Prince of the World", and "God of the Light": God of two days.

Holocaust of America

The atomic holocaust, repent! You will come; he will destroy.

The Third Temple is a horror.

The Abomination that causes Desolation

The chip is a blemish, the Mark of the Beast!

They discovered the microchip!

The core of the Mark is lithium

In me, cursed is the core of the Verichip

Their chip, son, expel The Mark!

Mondex - Cursed chip. Oh! A calamity in my hand shall come.

Flowing of the hand. Monsanto is for the beast. The chip moved and the stain is for it.

It will be feared; fear for all is an atomic holocaust. A chip with me. Let it subtracted be! I say; "You will buy bitterness, son!"

Six hundred and sixty six is a code

The Vatican will be destroyed

I shall curse the war of the End of Time.

Asteroid - A mountain, in the cold, lying in ambush.

Lancer, of the comet of the USA, hurry ! Father’s sentence; I will calibrate the step.

For the fireplace of Yellowstone. - They were cast into the lake of fire.


Yellowstone - this place appeared dead, waited for 2010

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