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"...seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end." Daniel 12:4

You can download the whole of this website as a single zip file (120 MB)

An important discovery that I made in 2008 and has not been researched, so far as I know, is that the Torah, the 5 Books of Moses, is 5 times 60961 characters in length, and 60961 is a prime number. Prime numbers are very important in coding work and I regard this as being highly significant. I would recommend doing toroidal skip searches on each of the 5 sections.

Download the Torah in Hebrew as 5 text files 60961characters in length. (147 KB)

This site has all the Bible Codes from the old Exodus 2006 website. These codes were found by a group of independent researchers who met on the Yahoo! email groups since around 2003 - Fab (Fabrice Bect from France), L0rd Kyr0n (Juan from Spain), Jimmie Cash (USA), Jim Wright (USA), Al Sutton (USA), Lyuben Piperov (Bulgaria), Dubman (USA), Iciple (USA), Inpixso (Fred from Holland), Mayra (Argentina), EP (Israel), GlobalMirage, Futuro2012, Donna, Sebastjian, and Andy (myself) - -

Also, there is the Book of Enoch online at