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Bible Codes on topics related to the "End Times"
Scriptural Subjects, The Chip and Mark of the Beast, Antichrist, War, Comets and Asteroids, Volcanic, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Poleshifts, and Weather.

Bible Codes about Terrorism and Current Events
Elites/groups, Codes with recent dates, United States, George Bush, Israel, War and Terror, Holocaust, People, Weather and Earth Events, Disease, Aliens and Unsolved, and more.

Bible Codes about Religious Topics
God, Jesus /Messiah, Bible Codes, Scriptural and Prophecy, Satan, Religions, and more.

Bible Code searches and statistical research by Al Sutton

Bible Code searches and articles by Lyuben Piperov

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This site has all the Bible Codes from the old Exodus 2006 website. These codes were found by a group of independent researchers who met on the Yahoo! email groups since around 2003 - Fab (Fabrice Bect from France), L0rd Kyr0n (Juan from Spain), Jimmie Cash (USA), Jim Wright (USA), Al Sutton (USA), Lyuben Piperov (Bulgaria), Dubman (USA), Iciple (USA), Inpixso (Fred from Holland), Mayra (Argentina), EP (Israel), GlobalMirage, Futuro2012, Donna, Sebastjian, and me.

Some things to consider when trying to interpret the possible meanings of these codes.
In these codes, you have to give more reliance to the long phrases; since these are much less likely to be accidental. Any other short words that have been highlighted, inside the code matrix, have to be regarded with suspicion - the suspicion that they are there accidentally and were highlighted just because the searcher happened to like them.
Fab usually ignores all short words, so his codes are usually just a single long phrase and perhaps something from a line of the text crossing the code.
Most of the problems come from searchers trying too hard, and this includes me - which involves searching the whole matrix looking for anything that might possibly be related.
The problem is that if you are enthusiastic, you don't want to risk missing anything - but there is then always a risk of including things that are not really a designed part of the code.
So, you have to look at these codes in a discerning type of way, bearing in mind that there is no test for "completeness", so the searcher may have missed important details, or included irrelevant items, or possibly both.

My original Bible Codes article from 1999