24 Elders code

Coded betwen Numbers 22 and Deut. 28 (skip length 3962)

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Colour in matrix
24 Elders
red squares
The word of YHWH dark blue spots
response / answer / repentance dark green spots
revelation / vision red spots

apocalyptic / prophetic red diamonds

testifying Yellow hourglasses
2012 light green spots
brotherhood grey diamonds
senior / eldest blue squares

college dark green diamonds
unity / oneness / cohesion blue spots
truth orange diamonds
truth orange spots
octet purple spots
tetrahedron purple hourglasses
eight purple diamonds

messianic black diamonds
messiah black diamonds

serve / service pink hourglasses

spirit / soul pink diamonds

emissary / messenger / envoy blue diamonds

herald / harbinger / messenger blue hourglasses

Haniel black squares

Irasha (irasha requested this search) Yellow squares

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The Twenty-Four Elders:

In this dispensation, it is said that there shall be a restoration of all things. Indeed, there has already come a portion of this restoration to open this dispensation. As a great part of the restoration of all things, there shall be a coming forth of ancient writings, which writings shall come from many nations. There are eight individuals that are sent to the earth that were chosen in spirit to come forth in the time appointed to do the work of translation of the writings (the writings of our fathers). God, our Father in heaven has chosen three witnesses for each of the eight individuals who will do the work of translating the ancient records. The three witnesses will witness the authenticity of the original material and the work of translating, as there is a law in heaven that all of the works of God in man shall have a proper witness. The writings of our fathers will come forth and will be brought together, along with the “handwritings” of the eight, in the time appointed to a gathering. The twenty-four elders/witnesses will be taught in all things, and from this gathering will go two by two unto the nations to teach and to gather the children of God. This shall be the last great missionary effort of this dispensation. The writings that will be translated will be a perfect compliment to one another and will be a sure witness of Jesus Christ and that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Every people that have been upon this earth have been taught the same principles. All religions and cultures have been given a portion of the truth or the entire truth that may have been corrupted by man over time. If we can look to all religions and cultures and find the truth in each one instead of the differences, then possibly, we might find a greater peace in the world. We have all come from the same place, and we will all return to stand in judgment in the same place. We are all appointed a short time to abide upon the earth. Let it be in peace and joy, and let us all find it within our hearts to reach out to another every day and share with them or help them in any way possible.

Mike reports - " the 24 elders spoken of by John the Revelator, in the Book of Revelations.
This is a working group of representatives who guide various lifestreams on this world, as it is viewed as a "Chain of Life", in which the spirit evolves, not the body, as such, and which spirits graduate upwards from the "Rock" state, through plants, animal life and finally to begin the return journey towards the Godhead as mankind, holding that there is but one birth, and one death in actuality, but many "changes of clothing", as the bodies are dropped and put on in the process.
These 24 elders are composed of pairs of beings, male and female by nature...such as Quan Yen and Dwahl Kuhl, and act as conduits..towards humanity or whatever group soul they are assigned to, and from their higher source, which we call God, but in working practice are other graduates of this life we live, arranged like a living ladder, upwards in awareness some well beyond our sight, ability to contact and perhaps unaware of us as individuals, of which we are students, arranged as well in terms of understandings, proficiencies, talents and disposed to specific types of work, upon which the entire creation depends and integrates as co-workers.
As a group , all of the 24 elders of society are below and headed by the Christ, and assisted by two other
beings of near equal stature.
As a group , the Elders meet 4 times a year and apportion energies to activities and various lifestreams, and defend the planet against obvious, opposing forces, both within and from afar, as they seamlessly integrate the incoming souls, oversee the schools of mankind as well as the other rays of activity, such as politics, medicine, arts, etc.
All of these references refer to man, but the bulk of the work revolves around the "Lesser Lives", how best to stimulate them into more awareness and provide the requisite experiences each group needs.
That this group of masterful beings is not well known is testimony to their wish to work without interference or need for reverential treatment from mankind....."



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