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Jubilee Hypothesis - Hebrew calendar converter with Jubliee years marked.
I started to develop a spreadsheet that would shed some light on The Jubilee Hypothesis. I really like the essay by Mikhael Bauer at which I have attached. I think he does an excellent job of explaining what most authors either fluff or otherwise fail to document. I think I "finally" understand the workings of Enoch's calendar and can align it to within a few days of the Gregorian or the modern Hebrew calendar. What I can't do is to get the alignments for commonly accepted dates to generate any of the dates other authors have published as prophetic. Excel file - Word Document

Some Thoughts on Bible Codes and Prophecy
When do you have a Bible Code that is sufficiently believable on some level as to constitute a legitimate prophecy that requires action?  To put it another way, how hard does G-d have to yell in your ear before, like Lot, you grab your coat and run for the hills just before your city is destroyed forever?  How hard does G-d have to yell before you race off the beach and into the hills just before the tsunami levels everything for miles inland?  How many times are you prepared to run for it, only to have nothing happen for days or weeks or even years after the warning?  These are the kinds of questions anyone reading Bible Codes or researching Bible Codes must be thinking about.

A Brief Look at Statistics and Year Dates in the Bible Codes - Word doc - zip file
Since much of the prophetic value of the Bible Codes may be related to providing a time at which a future event might occur, it’s important to know at least roughly the probability of randomness affecting our interpretation of year dates showing up in Bible Code matrices.  I’ve run four experiments to estimate the impact on the expectation of finding Bible Codes by year from HC 5759 through HC 5779 and found significant differences in expectation for the different dates, differences that cannot be ignored as we attempt to extract meaning from simple Codes.

The First Seal - a possible date for the start of the Tribulation - Revelation 6:1-2 - Word doc - zip file
I started the search for a possible date for the opening of the First Seal by the Lamb, usually assumed to be the start of the Tribulation, with this matrix.  It’s impossible to guess the date from a single matrix, no matter how complex the mathematics for reasons that have been discussed by many authors.  There is reason to believe that the date is in our near future.  The two years 5765 and 5766 are prominent in this matrix, so I developed a series of matrices to test the possibility of guessing the date based on multiple cases. 
The raw search data -
Excel spreadsheet - zip file

Another Form of Control Experiment - Excel spreadsheet - zip file
I ran a series of experiments on “Tsunami” with four different spellings, and then two variations of its literal translation as Harbor Wave (see the attached spreadsheet).  On a completely different subject, I ran the “Bush Will Die” Code as well.  All of the central terms were run against the years 2005-2019.  Other runs have been added including 2003, 2006, and Andy McCracken.  These runs created a large body of data that we might discuss for a long time.  I’ll provide you some of my thoughts with the spreadsheets themselves.

Word of God and AD 2006 - Word Document - Stats (Excel spreadsheet)
I selected 17 search words to run against “Word of God”, including Hebrew words for HC 5766 (AD 2006), war, famine, plague, horseman, apocalyptic, apocalypse, comet, impact, holocaust, earthquake, and meteor.1  I thought these words were explicit or implicit in the book of Revelation and in the Prophets. 

How to calculate the probability of finding the year 2006 in a matrix plus a new Bible code - Word doc - zip file

Potentially Interesting Dates for HC 5766 - Document - Data - Spreadsheet - All coded dates from that study
Most everyone doing or reading Bible Code research today is interested in the potentially predictive power of prophecy.  The more conservative sites always constrain such predictions with terms like “might” and “maybe”, and a few discourage any prediction, usually because available dates are ambiguous or simply because the web master supports of philosophy of free will.
My own experience and beliefs are mixed.  Personally, I believe that the Bible Codes were given to us for a reason, and warnings are of little value without an approximate idea of when the warning is valid.
My latest interest in trying to fix the date of a prophecy came when my Sister in Christ, Diana, had a vision of a surprise attack against the West Coast of the United States by a Chinese submarine.  She had several pertinent details including the target, the potential date, that it was an older diesel sub that fired a long range cruise missile, and that it was Russian designed or built.

Another Look at 5766 (AD 2006) Comet and Meteor Experiment - Word doc
I used “in 5766” (bet heh tav shin samech vav) as a central search term.  The search term was chosen over the simpler “5766” because it yielded a much smaller search set.  I also searched for two terms I expected to correlate based on earlier work:  “comet” (shin bet yod tet) and “meteor “ (mem tet alef vav resh).  The central search term was found 197 times out of an expectation of 166 for an estimated significance of 1 out of 100.  The software also found 15 correlated “comet” terms and 3 correlated “meteor” terms

Letter statistics and probability calculations - Excel spreadsheet - zip file
Statistical model study (excel spreadsheet) - zip file

Bible Codes
A gift: Give Jerusalem the time of the secret.
The invasion of the city.
Invasion of the city.
Invasion of the city.
World War
World War
World War
World War
World War
World War
In the sea; a shifting of the crust.
Groan of the Earth, but in the depths. - The mound of year 5768 (2008).
Groan of the Earth. - Law of the pole. - Rise in the west.
Reversal of the Pole; the sufficient burden. - From Yah; vast is the earthquake! - Since it comes from the year of '768 (2008).
Shrieking of the Earth.
Rebelliousness of the sunrise.
Great Earthquake - 2011 comet
5 Tishri 5766 (8th Oct 2005) - the earthquake
23rd May 2006
3rd August 2006
Los Angeles (the angels) destitute
Los Angeles (the angels) terrified
Los Angeles (the angels) bad
Los Angeles (the angels) Oh lament
Else a casket; the city of LA
12 Elul fear - woe for the atomic
"Holocaust of the Temple" codes
China Lake NOT boom
In 2012 - Extinction

L. Bush will die at night.
Rev 6:12 codes - "6th seal" and "Black Sun"
5th trumpet
Ocean strike
Atlantic Ocean - The repercussion of the impact will make noise.
The Atlantic of glad fire.
In the hill of the Atlantic.
In the Atlantic
Impact into the sea
Sign in the sky
Signs in the sky
Sign in the Sky
Burden of the comet.
Cosmic - Please! Year 2010 what? - Comet, enemy from.
Cosmic - Year 2010 from the Son of the Lord. - The jackal; a comet.

Cosmic plan. - Premature death and year 2010.

Cosmic; wretched. - Meager year 2010 - God, year 2012, God.   
Cosmic. - In year 2010, to judge. - The one impact and the cloud.






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