Code by Al Sutton


Central Search Term:  Albuquerque, found at skip=14,175 in the Tanach at odds of approximately 1:17,000 (~4 sigma)

Holocaust, Shoah, disaster, devestation, ... (4 instances shown) all around Albuquerque with Atom, Nuke, and Hydrogen diagonally on the left.  Other terms include:

War, Bombed, Flat, Crater, Annhihilation, Desolation, Flattened, Ashes, Ashes<>, 5771 (AD 2011) (2 terms)

This matrix was done at the request of a sister who had a vision of a flash over Albuquerque, then nothing but grey ash.


Al Sutton, 13 July 2004, 25 Tammuz 5764

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