In month 71, the mob came.

Code by Anonymann

When I saw the document "A Strange Code about AD 2006 Discovered in the Torah" by Lyuben Piperov, I decided to search more sentences with interesting results.

Lyuben's original code is also here

In this matrix there is a possible date that is 5771 or 5770, and 2006 (this is the number 2006, not in a date format) can be referencial (also can be 2011, 2001 or 2000; please view the document). The Hebrew date is crossed with the sentence: "In month 71, the mob comes/came".

Other sentences are "came terrible alien, pungent, death", "Shiloh says, bitter generation"; and one uncertain, "the supplanter, god of locks/of long hair". Perhaps, the angel of the abyss? I don't know.





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