The Beast is M. Romney.

Code by Anonymann (1st June 2008 - updated April 2009)

(see also - Mormonism: To me, the religion of the Beast!)
Democratic U.S. Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts once said, "The real Romney is clearly an extraordinarily ambitious man with no perceivable political principle whatsoever. He is the most intellectually dishonest human being in the history of politics," to which a Romney spokesman replied that "We’ve never really paid much attention to what Barney Frank is saying, and we see no reason to start now."[]

Perhaps, McCain will choose Romney as VP and in this way he will reach power, or will illegitimately do so.
Although it may be feasible to find some similar codes about other politicians, this code is specially significant by these reasons,
1. Its minimal skip, 244 only.
2. It is a Torah code, another codes are situated in Tanakh.
3. Some codes can be denying several suppositions about another politicians, or can be involving them too and this is not necessarily contradictory. A beast can have many heads!

According to New York Post:

May 31, 2008

[...] POLITICAL donors report McCain complains he is under pressure from President Bush and his former political adviser Karl Rove to select former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his vice presidential running mate.

Since losing to McCain in the Republican primaries, Romney has become a strong supporter and helper of the presumptive nominee. During their contest, McCain indicated his dislike for Romney.

Many economic conservatives view Romney as the best bet for a unified GOP ticket. Social conservatives are less enthusiastic about him, and many evangelicals still oppose Romney because of his Mormon religion. [...]






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