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Roadrunner on the evil song

Wikipedia's articles,

IBM Roadrunner:
* The IBM's fastest computer cluster (for right now).

IBM Sequoia:
* The IBM's next supercomputer - "the future world's fastest one"

"Eye of Providence":
* Beware! The Most High is no icon and no blind in one eye.

Great Seal of the United States:
* Symbolism of items numbering thirteen.

Cluster computing:


Punched card:

Articles from other sources,

How the Pet Microchip Works:

Verichip RFID («Truth Exposed» Website):

Roadrunner (Top500 Website):

IBM's Patent Application,
"Identification and tracking of persons using RFID-tagged items"

IBM: Open Source's Friend? Not So Much Now:

Scalability Issues in Cluster Computing Operating Systems (technical info):

Controversial info,

The Hollerith Machine:

«IBM and the Holocaust» (a book by Edwin Black, official website):

Black's book review by Cartsten Keil:

IBM's reply to Edwin Black's book:


IBM RFID Commercial - The Future Market:

Roadrunner Supercomputer Breaks the Petaflop Barrier:

RFID-Chip = totale Versklavung ("total enslavement"):
* Speaking German is not required to watch the subject matter.






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