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Code by Fab

Their enemy is against me, he cut off Jesus!

One found in the Torah using the expression "he cut off Jesus" (or Jesus will be cut off) and inspired by the well known Messianic prophecy found in Daniel 9:26 (see screenshot). 4 occurrences were expected and 5 were found. The lowest skip was extendable to "their enemy is against Me, he cut off Jesus (or Jesus will be cut off)". Interestingly, I noticed it was crossing Genesis 3:15, the first well known Messianic prophecy found in the Bible:

In the verse itself and in the expression "He shall hurt your head" can be found, at a skip of + 1 and by parsing the Hebrew characters differently, the expression "the Shepherd It/He is Jesus!" (in Isaiah 53:8 one may also find the expression "who? Jesus!" (mem-yud yud-shin-vav) with a skip of + 1)






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