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Yahweh smoothed for Joshua son of Nun, he will triple!

Inspired by a recent discussion on the Sabbath I just searched and found an interesting code in the Tanach using the Aramaic expression "Joshua (or Yeshua) son of Nun" (see attachment) and a wrapped text. This expression is also used in the Aramaic version (Peshitta) of the OT. The shortest skip could be extended to "Yahweh smoothed for Joshua son of Nun, he will triple". Upon checking the verses from the surface text I noticed one the letter of "Joshua" in the main term was found in... Joshua 1:16 where Joshua's name can also be found: "And they answered Joshua, saying, all that you command us we will do, and whithersoever you send us, we will go."

Many Christians say (without the slightest suspicion as to why biased translators tried to conceal the Sabbath in this verse) that Hebrews 4:8 speaks of a “rest in Jesus”. Firstly, it is clear from the Aramaic original and even the Greek, that the verse speaks of the Sabbath. Secondly, don’t just believe the KJV (nor the Greek version for that matter, since the KJV only follows it here - see attachment) that the preceding verse is speaking of Jesus Christ:

KJV (Hebrews 4:8): “For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day.”

The “Jesus” in verse 8, is none other than Joshua, son of Nun, successor to Moses! A little-known fact is that Jesus and Joshua are equivalent names (Jesus = Yeshu’ = Yehoshua = Joshua), so it is easy to understand how this misunderstanding was made possible.

But if “Yeshu” can refer to Jesus, Son of Alaha, or Joshua, son of Nun, how can we be sure either way? Because the Aramaic, unlike the Greek, leaves no room for another interpretation. In verse 8, this figure is referred to as "éùåò áø ðåð", which means “Joshua the son of Nun”. We know that Jesus was not the son of Nun (while we do know that Joshua was, as seen in many verses such as Joshua 1:1), so this verse clearly speaks of Moses’ successor.







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