The meaning of the flag.

Code by Fab

This is the evil they concealed; the Koran He cursed!

This one is just the extension of a code previously found by Futuro2012:

The new term says "this is the evil they concealed; the Koran He cursed!"

I also found this in connection with the code:
"...Allah means "The Curse" in Hebrew. There are two Hebrew words for curse. One is "kelalah" (singular) kelalot (plural), which is the general noun. The other is "ha Allah" or "the Allah" used only in conjunction with Israel breaking Torah, or partaking in Torah violation, which according to Hebrew
tradition brings one into a cursed state. A fascinating one is Daniel 9:11, where Daniel excuses YHWH, who is said to allow the Allah (The Curse) to
come upon Israel for her sin and transgression. Saddam Hussein's hanging was also interesting, as both he and his executioners cursed each other in the name of Allah just before his death..."







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