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Code by Fab

Operation Bite!

Found in the Tanach using the expression "Operation Bite" as spelled in the article below. I chose this one since it was also written in Hebrew.

The expression (9 letters in Hebrew) was expected to show up 0 times according to CodeFinder and 2 were actually found. None were extendable but I noticed the second one (with a R Factor of 1,066) was passing through a verse from Jeremiah 23:20:

"The anger of the LORD shall not return, until He have executed, and till He have performed the purposes of His heart; in the end of days you shall consider it perfectly"

And one of the letters in the main term is found in the expression "in the end of days" ; coincidence? Time will tell.

-The second one was found in the Torah using the terms "Operation", "Bite", and "Iran". 2 were extendable.

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