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Curse T. de Chardin!

Here is a code inspired by recent posts about Teilhard de Chardin. The main term was "T. de Chardin" in Hebrew, and was found in the Tanach using a wrapped text. Zero occurrences were expected and 1 was found. It was extendable to "Curse T. de Chardin!" and was crossed by a quite fitting verse from the surface text.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (IPA: 1 May 1881, Orcines, France 10 April 1955, New York City) was a French philosopher and Jesuit priest who trained as a paleontologist and geologist and took part in the discovery of Peking Man. Teilhard conceived such ideas as the Omega Point and the Noosphere.

Teilhard's primary book, The Phenomenon of Man, set forth a sweeping account of the unfolding of the cosmos. He abandoned traditional interpretations of creation in the Book of Genesis in favor of a less strict interpretation. This displeased certain officials in the Roman Curia, who thought that it undermined the doctrine of original sin developed by Saint Augustine. Teilhard's position was opposed by his church superiors, and his work was denied publication during his lifetime by the Roman Holy Office. Pope John XXIII rehabilitated him posthumously, and, since then, his works have been considered an important influence on the contemporary church's stance on evolution.







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