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He granted the martyrdom of Thomas. - Acknowledge Jesus!

A code about Thomas' martyrdom found in the Torah. I used the expression "martyrdom of Thomas". 15 were expected and 13 were actually found. The third shortest skip distance was extendable to "He granted (Aramaic) the martyrdom of Thomas" and another expression appeared on the same line backwards and separated from it by only one letter which states "acknowledge Jesus!":

The apostle Thomas was also known as Didymas (the twin) however as to who his twin was, it's not known. He was a fisherman by trade and a native of Galilee.

After the resurrection of the Lord Christ Jesus, Thomas went to Babylon. It is believed that he established the first Christian church there. He is also known to have gone to Persia and from there he went to India and preached the Gospel making many converts. It is also believed that the apostle Thomas evangelized as far as China, and while in India, he suffered martyrdom; being killed with a lance (he was buried in Mylapore, India, which is now a suburb of Madras.) The apostle Thomas is said to have been a fearless evangelist and a great builder of churches.







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