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Code by Fab

The farmer is one shepherd; in the year He rose.

Here is a code I recently found in the Aramaic NT, showing the codes found there follow the same pattern as the ones found in the Hebrew/Aramaic OT, namely, that the lowest and/or near minimal skips show up in and/or near their own mention or a related term/expression/sentence in the surface text.

This was found using the Aramaic expression "one shepherd" as spelled in John 10:16 in the Peshitta (see screenshot). The lowest skip (- 131) could be found in Matthew 9:36 and shares a letter with the literal mention of "shepherd":

"And when Jesus looked on the multitudes, he pitied them; because they were wearied and dispersed, like sheep that have no shepherd."

It was extendable to "The farmer/husbandman is "one shepherd", in the year He rose".






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