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The speech they removed: "Shoah" for the Arabs.

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It stirred up some controversy since the word shoah , literally "disaster", has been translated by Reuters as "holocaust", which a government official later tried to play down.
However, in colloquial Hebrew, the word shoah (or haShoah, "the shoah") has in fact come to refer to the Nazi crime against humanity almost exclusively (shoah garinit "nuclear shoah" for nuclear war is also often seen). Conversely it is also preferred by almost all Israeli and many international scholars to "holocaust", because of the latter term's original meaning of something which is burned as a sacrifice to a god.

I looked on the Internet and found Israeli deputy defence minister Matan Vilnai's words here (see here for the Hebrew spelling of "bigger shoah"):
Two occurrences were found in the Tanach although only 1 was expected. The lowest skip was not extendable but was crossed by some interesting verses.
I also used another Hebrew expression found here:
Five occurrences were found using a wrapped text although 4 were expected. The lowest skip was extendable to "speech they removed: "shoah" for the Arabs!"







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