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Code by Fab (24/March/2009)

Riots in 2010


Inspired by some discussions on the groups, and trend forecaster Gerald Celente's predictions:, I also searched for codes using the terms "riots", "revolution", and the year 2009 and 2010 (I am not guaranteeing anything, the codes can't be used to predict the future accurately in most cases):

-The first one was found in the Tanakh, and using the expression "riots in 2010". Statistically, 0 occurrences were expected, and 1 was found (odds = 1/39,411).

-A second one was found in the Tanakh using the expressions "riots", "in America", "2009", "2010". No matrices showed up with the year 2009, but a few appeared with 2010. The best meeting of the expressions "riots", "in America", "2010" yielded an interesting matrix where the following

Main term to "I will burn/blaze in America"

2010 to the surprising extension "in the year (surface text term!) 2010"

-Another one was found in a wrapped Tanakh, and using the expression "revolution in the USA". 1 occurrence expected statistically, and 1 found. It could be extended to "revolution in the USA is their time of trouble". I noticed it goes through Numbers 11:3:

"...Because the fire of the LORD burnt among them"

-I also searched for the expression "USA in 2010". 23 occurrences expected in the Tanakh, and 23 found. The second shortest skip could be extended to "USA in 2010, a disaster", I also spotted in one of the verses the expression "in the end of days".






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