The meaning of the flag.

Code by Dr Moshe Katz and Fab (10/Dec/2008)

Against the Chabad House, against the people.


This code about the Mombai terror attacks: is truly amazing, in my opinion, and was found by well known Israeli researcher Dr Moshe Katz: (see also this other well known finding by the same researcher: He was looking for the best meeting of the expressions "Chabad House" and "In Bombay", and noticed the additional term "terror" showed up in Leviticus 16:1 which states "And Hashem spoke to Moshe after the deaths of the two sons of Ahron", which is quite amazing actually, since the following story appeared in the Israeli newspapers:
In a moving conversation with, minutes after the plane carrying the remains of the victims took off for Israel, the Shliach to New Delhi, Rabbi Shneur Kupchik, related a shocking detail that became apparent at the airport. Among the items slated to be returned to Israel, was the Sefer Torah belonging to Chabad of Mombai which was damaged by bullet holes, after the terrorists had fired several rounds into the Aron Hakodesh. The bullets tore through the scroll leaving gaping holes. When the torah was opened at the airport it became apparent that the bullets tore near the words - "And Hashem spoke to Moshe after the deaths of the two sons of Ahron", in Parshas Achrei. "The entire delegation stood frozen, in shock after seeing these words torn by the terrorist's YM"S bullets" said Rabbi Kupchik in a choked voice.
Personally, I found the following extensions (in red): "Against/in the Chabad House, against the people/crowd", "Babylon is in this terror of blood"






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