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M. Cordovero

A code found in the Tanach on "Moshe Cordovero", a well known rabbi whose name is associated with the codes. I used the following spelling for his name "M. Cordovero". Statistically, 0 occurences were expected and 1 was found.

I noticed the "M" of Moshe shared a letter with Moshe in the surface text, and the acronym "Ramak" also showed up next to it with a very short skip of + 1:

Moses ben Jacob Cordovero or Moshe Cordevero (1522-1570) known by the acronym the Ramak , was one of the most prominent scholars of early modern Judaism's Kabbalah. He belonged to a circle of Jewish mystical thinkers in 16th-century Safed.  

Quotes by by Moshe Cordovero:  

"...The idea of concealed codes in the Torah is found in the mesorah. In the sixteenth century, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero wrote [in his work Pardes Rimonim] of the hope that in the end of days, the hidden codes in Torah would be revealed. Most people consider the idea of Torah codes so extraordinary that they are not inclined to give it any credence whatsoever without extraordinary evidence..."

"...The secrets of our holy Torah are revealed through knowledge of combinations, numerology (gematria), switching letters, first-and-last letters, shapes of letters, first- and last- verses, skipping of letters (dilug otiot) and letter combinations..."






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