The meaning of the flag.

Code by Fab and Inpixso (9/Oct/2008 )

The father of the fall is an anvil, for the King of Tyre, by the Hamel.

While looking for the term "King of Tyre" I found at skip 1863 the term which I believe could be extended to:

(the) father of the fall is an anvil/tree trunk/breech block to/for the King of Tyre by the Hamel

It crosses Deut 4, 24: For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.

Now Hamel is a star in Aries (the ram) which in Arabic means the sheep. Now I am not a believer of the gospel in the stars as many make out revelation to be.

ARIES. The ram or lamb full of vigour. Not falling in death like Capricornus. The name in the Zodiac of Denderah Tametouris Ammon = the reign or rule Ammon. Hebrew name Taleh = the lamb. Arabic Al Hamel = the sheep. Syriac Amroo, as in John 1:29. The Accadian name was Bar-Ziggar = the altar making right = the sacrifice of righteousness. The brightest star is El nath or El natik = wounded, or slain. The next, Al Sharatan = the bruised, or wounded. Compare Revelation 5:9 - 12.







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