The meaning of the flag.

Code by Fab (5/March/2009)

Their Holy One, to me, is the King of Salem.

I worked on this code, and was able to find a few interesting extensions:
-The main term "King of Salem" was extendable (in red) to "their Holy One, to me, is king of Salem"
-One of the occurrences of Jesus to "God Jesus the Lamb, a shadow of the Lamb"
-Another one to "the illustrious/Gaon is Jesus the Master"
-A third one to "Like/the same as the man (partly embedded in the word Jesus) Jesus"
-One of the occurrences of "amen" to "materialization, amen!"
I left out some of the shortest terms, as they didn't show up with CodeFinder.
Btw, did you see these codes on the same topic (found by Cindy Marcell)?:
Here is a version of the same codes partially "snooped" by Roy A. Reinhold with Dr. Nathan Jacobi, and Walter York:






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