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Code by Fab (8/Nov/2008)

From the back, B. Obama was killed; you committed a crime.

I was reading a comment yesterday by a Christian Frenchman, about an article on the recent US elections, who said he received several visions and dreams on Barack Obama (see below for the translated version), and it reminded some requests and comments by other people on the groups and elsewhere. So I decided to take a look with my code software, and was surprised to find this code.
It was the only occurrence in the Tanach of the expression "Obama was killed/murdered", with the following (and surprising) extensions "from the back, B. Obama was killed/murdered, you committed a crime". I was a bit reluctant to post this, but after some thought and consultation with Andy, I decided to post it anyway, hopefully it may help prevent this to happen, since such a thing isn't unlikely, if one considers what happened just before his election.
As you know, there is no way to know for sure if it is a prophecy, or just a view point from an undetermined source, or something partly or totally random, let's pray the later is true.
4. On 6 November 2008, at 13:06, by Capko
I just wanted to point this out in the article: 

"So we still have a few weeks left to see if Obama will be president or not." 

I would like to bring this to your attention: about a month ago before the elections, I constantly received in visions and dreams that Obama will resign following an incident. I am also informed that his family will be murdered. 
I admit that these things that God showed me, I did not like them at all, because if such things must happen, I will definitely not be able to bear it, because although I am not interested in politics and the candidates, I will admit a kind of pride (which of course shouldn't be) has temporarily caught me because a black man was elected at the head the most powerful nation. 
I wanted to know why the Lord showed me this tragedy. I clearly heard the voice of the Spirit tells me that I should start to mourn now, in order to not have to do it later, because the world will soon be mourning. I was very scared on the eve of the election, because I was still showed a vision of Michelle Obama falling apart. My heart was beating constantly. 
But when is all this going to happen? Is this now before the end of Bush's term, or after the reign of Obama? I have no answer to that. The only thing I know is I was showed the tragedy. I tell you exactly what I saw, and I do not lie on God's behalf. If the source of my vision is not God, it is certainly demonic, which would surprise me. 
Remember that according to a prophecy posted on Blogdei, during the Bush administration, there will be mourning, and it will be unbearable. See:
May God bless you!  







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