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Code by Fab (23/Oct/08)

Sarah Palin - He will cause her to fall.

Here are also the codes requested on Sarah Palin. I was surprised to find out that most of them had a negative content. All were found in the Tanach, except one found in the Torah. I used 2 different spellings in English, "Sarah Palin" and "S. Palin", and 3 different spellings in Hebrew. The first one could be extended to "they will affect with hardship (or strike) Sarah Palin, we will be filled up" (I am not sure what it could mean, suggestions welcome). The second one to "S. Palin's heart is for the demon" . The third one to "deceit of (or is) S. Palin" . The fourth one to "S. Palin is arrogant/proud", interesting as the adjective is feminine (it ends with a hey). The last one could not be extended, but I noticed on the same string of characters, and separated from it by just one letter, the expression "he will cause her to fall (meaning by a no-confidence vote)", which also is interesting since the pronominal suffix is feminine (ending with a hey).






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