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Code by Fab (25/June/2009)

A light, Radiesthesia? No!


I received a request to search for the word "Radiesthesia/Pendulum":

Radiesthesia is the paranormal or parapsychological ability to detect "radiation" within the human body. According to the theory, all human bodies give off unique or characteristic "radiations" as do all other physical bodies or objects. Such radiations are often termed an "aura".

A practitioner of radiestheisa believes in his or her ability to detect the interplay of these radiations. Thus radiesthesia is cited as the explanation of such phenomena as dowsing by rods and pendulums in order to locate buried substances, diagnose illnesses, and the like.

The lowest skip in the Torah was extendable to "a light/lamp Radiesthesia? No/not!". I noticed it goes through Leviticus 20:27:
"A man also or a woman that divineth by a ghost or a familiar spirit, shall surely be put to death; they shall stone them with stones; their blood shall be upon them."
I also the found the following additional terms:
"Divination" was extendable to "Repent! A subjugation is divination"

"Magic" to "Magic by the mediums"







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