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Code by Fab (29/April/2009)

Swine - by the plague they died

An interesting matrix found in the Book of Numbers.

I used the second most used spelling of "Swine Flu" in the Israeli newspapers, as nothing interesting showed up using the first one. Nothing showed up using the full term, so I searched for the best meeting of "Swine" and "Flu". "Swine" is at its second minimal skip in the Torah, and the same for "Flu". The main term "Swine" could not be extended in a meaningful way, but I noticed the terms "You will smite (with)" on the same string of characters at the bottom, and separated from it by just one letter, and "from the wickedness" also on the same string at the top, and separated from it by two letters. The word "Flu" could be extended to "by (the) Flu", and upon checking the underlying text, I noticed it appeared in a particularly relevant verse (Numbers 17:14):

"Now they that died by the plague (or epidemic) were fourteen thousand and seven hundred, besides them that died about the matter of Korah"

The term translated "matter" also means "plague/epidemic, and it shares a letter with "Swine". I also found in the same matrix the term "illness" (minimal skip in the Torah), "manufactured" (minimal skip in the Torah, and only occurrence with such a short skip, coded in reverse), and showing up in the following verse (Numbers 14:37):

"even those men that did bring up an evil report of the land, died by the plague before the LORD"

In the same verse, I also spotted the terms "origin (of)", "(the) plague/epidemic". The term "illness" also shows up (minimal skip of + 1 in the Torah). The phrase "they died by the plague/epidemic" appears diagonally. The year 2009 didn't show up at all though.







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