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UFOs are Seraphim; wrath of God.

Here is also another one found in the Tanach and inspired by this:, using the expression "UFOs are Seraphim". According to ABD Pro's statistics, 0 occurrences of this term were expected, and 1 showed up. It was extendable to "UFOs are Seraphim, wrath of God". I notice the last letter of "Seraphim" shared a letter with Ezekiel 1:8, and here is what some commentators have to say on this passage:

According to the Talmud, the Targum of the whole passage is:

"...and hands, as the hands of a man, were made for them under their wings on their four sides; to take in them coals of fire from between the cherubim under the firmament, which was over their seats, to, put them into the hands of the seraphim, to scatter upon the place of the ungodly, to destroy the wicked that transgress his word; and their faces and their wings were equal to them four...'' (Bab. Pesachim, fol. 119. 1.)

According to some Christian commentators:

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary:

"...The prophet saw these living creatures by their own light, for their appearance was like burning coals of fire; they are seraphim, or burners; denoting the ardour of their love to God, and fervent zeal in his service..."






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