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A liberal, is Wellhausen.

A code found in the Tanach about "Julius Wellhausen". 492 occurrences were expected statistically, and 498 were found. The most interesting and longest ones were extendable to "the virus of the people is fitting, they strayed; Wellhausen!" and "a liberal is Wellhausen!" (see further below):   "...Nearly all liberal Bible colleges and seminaries, and sadly some which profess conservative evangelical doctrine, approvingly teach the "documentary hypothesis", also known as the "JEDP hypothesis".  

What is the documentary hypothesis?   This is the liberal/critical view which denies that Moses wrote the Torah, Genesis to Deuteronomy. It teaches that various anonymous authors compiled these five books (plus other portions of the Old Testament) from centuries of oral tradition, up to 900 years after Moses lived (if, in this view, he even existed)..."

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