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The aliens - many are the UFOs

"...I believe this to be in reference to what we view today as "UFO's". The correct translation for the word "cockatrice" in your Bible is "viper"[Strong's ref. 6848 tsepha].
It comes from the root for "Zophim"or "watchers" [Strong's ref. 6839 Tsophiym]. The actual translation for the word "serpent"at the end of the verse is [Strong's ref. 8314 saraph].
This is the translation for the word "seraph" as in "seraphim" (plural). The translation for the word "fiery" is ALSO is ref. 8314 "saraph", or seraphim. Both these words mean the exact SAME!. This is very important, as this is NOT a mistake or a fluke.
That the Seraphim are characterized as "serpent's" is very strange indeed. Seraphim are "angels" as illustrated earlier. Obviously, these are NOT of the "good alignment", and it seems they are alluded to as "serpent's" in scripture to designate them as such. The striking description of these Seraph's are their "copper color" (orange), and the adjectives that describe "luminescence" in fact as to their appearance (fiery, burning) are quite strange
This description is a lot different from the ones given by Isaiah (Isa.6:2,6:6) and the ONLY two may I remind you scripturally, but it is the exact same word used [Strong's ref. 8314]. The only thing Isaiah relates to us about seraphim is that they have "6 wings". The allusions to "obscurity" and "dimness" is quite interesting in the translation for flying. UFO's are identified with just such behavior. It is also quite interesting to note here, that the most prevalently sighted color of lights in UFO sightings historically, is orange! (copper?)... "

ABD Pro statistics are not great, but I don't think they take into account some oddities in this matrix. The terms "the aliens" and "UFOs" are the shortest skip occurrences in the entire Tanach (OT). "Seraphim" is the only occurrence clearly referring to angels in the Tanach (and according to the excerpt above, there seems to be an obvious connection between Seraphim and UFOs). All the terms are plural, and meaningfully connect with each others. The last letter of the main term "the aliens" shows up in Isaiah 14, a well known passage referring to Lucifer/Satan according to a traditional Christian interpretation (cf also the article already quoted above).






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