The meaning of the flag.

Code by Fab (20/Sept/08 )

Suitable, you will crush (with) a financial crisis.

One found in a wrapped Tanach (skip range set to min: 1 and max: 1196924) about the current crisis, using the expression "financial crisis" as main term (spelling found in Babylon dictionary:,,, and the years "2008" and "2009" .

Statistically, 8 occurrences of the main term were expected, and 3 were found. The second lowest skip was extendable to "suitable, you will crush (with) a financial crisis". "2009" was extendable to "we will be depressed (or suppressed) in 2009 (the term "in" shares a letter with the expression "in the year" in the surface text)".

I also noticed in some of the verses crossed by the main term, the expressions "the treasuries are desolate" (surface text expression), "economic" (a coded term), "you will endure/bear" (coded term).!-Why-LEAP-E2020-maintain-their-anticipation-of-a-1-75-EURUSD-exchange-rate-at-the-end-of-2008_a2099.html?PHPSESSID=6b47aa52b07e876498ad94c25f6f86d6







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