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Code by Fab (3/June/2009 )

The plane will fall.


I found an interesting code yesterday, using all the terms making up the following headline in yesterday's Arutz7 issue:  

English translation:   "Air France's plane vanished/disappeared from the radar"

The main term was "plane", it could be extended to "the plane will fall". It also goes through some interesting verses from the surface text. One could read:   "A thunderbolt (or disaster), and it caused them to fall"   The other ones:   "And there were thunders and lightning"   "And it struck the waters"   One of the occurrences of "lightning" could be extended to:   "From lightening and they saw".   Which is interesting when one knows what the newspapers said:  

"The Air France jet flew into storms and heavy turbulence four hours after take-off from Rio and 15 minutes later sent an automatic message reporting electrical faults, the airline said.

There was no sign that the crew had sent a mayday message or any indication that signal-emitting emergency locaters had activated on impact as is normally the case in crashes.

The company said a lightning strike could be to blame and that several of the mechanisms on the Airbus 330-200 (EAD.PA), which has a good safety record, had malfunctioned."






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