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Code by Fab (21/June/2008)

Politicians are of the demon, yea. With the right and - with the left. The princes are for the deceit.

Here is another interesting code on politicians (or statesmen) found in the Tanach and using the expression "politicians are of/from the demon". Statistically, zero occurrences were expected, and one was found. It could be extended to "politicians/statesmen are of/from the demon, yea".

I also noticed the term "politicians" in the main term shared a letter with "political" (skip + 1), in one of the verses, and very close to the key term, I could read the expressions "with the right and" "with the left". I also found two other codes in the near vicinity, "the princes/ministers are for the deceit" and "they defiled/profaned".  

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