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Defender who shall not be seen. - Our Shabak is an enemy!

One about the "Shabak" found in the Tanach and a wrapped text. I used the Shabak's motto "Defender (Shield) who shall not be seen" as a main search term . 1 occurrence was expected statistically and 2 were found. None were extendable but I noticed the last letter in the second occurrence was part of the expression "our Shabak is an enemy" spelled in reverse: The Shabak  (Hebrew:, an acronym for Sherut Bitahon Klali ( lit. General Security Service), commonly known as the Shin Bet,[1] is Israel's internal security service. Its motto is "Magen VeLo Yera'e" lit. (Defender (Shield) who shall not be seen). It is one of three principal organizations of the Israeli Intelligence Community, alongside Aman (the military intelligence of the IDF) and Mossad (responsible for overseas intelligence work).






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