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Code by Fab (11/Aug/2009)

From the houses of - the subprimes - you will be financed


I found a code in the Tanakh, using a separate search for the expressions "subprimes" and "crisis" (I used the spellings found on Wikipedia in Hebrew:

There zero occurrences expected statistically, and one was found.

The best meeting of these two terms, yielded the following matrix. The main term could be extended to "you will be financed (spelled in reverse). Subprimes", and "crisis" to "crisis is a curse".

On the same string of characters where the main term appears, I spotted the expression (spelled in reverse) "from the houses of". I also noticed it goes through the following verse from Psalms 35:8: "Let ruination come upon him unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself; with ruination let him fall therein."






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