The meaning of the flag.

Code by Jim Wright

You, Eldad Regev - NWO lamb

"Eldad Regev" is one of the captured Israeli soldiers:

"Eldad Regev" shows more often than expected in the Tankh: Apx. Odds 1 in 170

This is the lowest skip occurrence for his name.
The odds for "you, Eldad Regev" are apx. 1 in 1000.

I don't know if "Rabia" has any connection or not, but it was there twice - backwards 1 skips, and next to "Iranian".
From Babylon Translator:

Rabia (Iraq)
Rabia is the name of a small border crossing town between Iraq and Syria on the road between Qamishli, Syria and Mosul, Iraq [1]. This border crossing was closed during the Iraq troop surge operation in 2007.

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