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Ron Brown

A matrix I found when Andy asked about a Clinton connection with the murders of the microbiologists.

I don't know about the murdered scientists, but I know the Clintons murdered Ron Brown.

This was the first time I was shown by The LORD, through the power of His Holy Mind what would come to pass in the world news.

April 2, 1996 - he was dead on the 3rd

I saw him on CNN going in the door of the plane, waving goodbye, and blurted out loud that man is being sent to die. And I knew who and why.

I didn't really understand why I said it - and everyone in the room thought I was an idiot.

But when I woke up the next morning he was dead.

There was no first stage Air Force investigation of the cause of the crash (only time in USAF history), not necessary - they told us the cause on the morning news, before the first rescuers arrived (it was a remote location).

They came up with a weak excuse for the hole in his head, and they transferred to the 2 USAF doctors who discovered the Glazier Safety Slug fragments in his head, with x-rays, to separate remote locations - and they were never heard from again.

But they could never explain why the back door of the CT-43A was open before the crash. But it was it was impossible to hide, the back 1/3 of the plane was intact.

More info:

"Chinagate” info @ Judicial Watch

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The head wound

I used the spelling I found used for "Brown" University on the Wikipedia:

The same as used for Gordon "Brown":

The resh in "Ron" is in Numbers 15.31 and crosses through the expression in Hebrew that says "to be cut off - shall be cut off" - in English they translated "shall be utterly cut off".

This expression in the visible text is also crossed by "cadaver", "smitten", "death", and "cull" (which is a lumber term for the trash).

And there is a mini-cluster putting the finger right where it belongs = pagan - President - Governor.







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