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Your end is for the devastation/demon, Stoiber.

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This is the lowest skip occurrence for the term "Stoiber" (spelled this way) in the Torah.

The term "Stoiber" is expected to show 185.79843 times. It actually showed 198 times (1 in 2 ).

So I decided to search for the term "president" along with "Stoiber" (knowing he is destined to be President of the EU - sooner or later), and it showed up twice in the lowest skip occurrence in The Torah.

He became the President of the CSU in 1978.

He was offered the position of being the first President of the EU but turned it down.

The new EU "Treaty" was just signed by the National Leaders (but has not been ratified by the Parliaments - yet) lengthens and strengthens the position and I suspect Stoiber will not turn it down if it is offered again.

I think the EU Commission will pick their first real President in 2009.

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