The meaning of the flag.

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Friday 9th Sept 2005; committed a crime of blood, for this he will fire.

Thanks to Robert Wade for providing the alternative "fire" translation which fits the story of Michael "Brownie" Brown, head of FEMA, being taken off the New Orleans rescue management.

Houston Public Radio September 9th, 2005
FEMA Director Mike Brown says he doesn't know why he's been removed from onsite command of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. He tells the Associated Press the decision was made by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Brown also denies charges he padded his resume. He says the White House and FEMA made mistakes in describing two of his past jobs. Brown says the story's not about him. Rather it's about the worst disaster in the country's history. He says he's going home to Washington where he'll walk his dog, hug his wife, maybe get a good Mexican meal, a stiff margarita and a full night's sleep. Then he says he plans to go back to FEMA and continue to help the hurricane victims.







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