The meaning of the flag.

Code by Leota

The lone tree.

the interesting thing is the tree in isaiah and jeremiah hebrew strongs number is 6606, to open, is the definition.

the mention of hadadezer, running through the main term is h 1909, means "in his, same as 1908 name of idol.
david conquered him. ' in his idol '

.diana also runs through as well,,g 735,( same as artemis,,an offering,)
I am a bit suprized by this evening, early morning,we are having a severe storm here,,

after posting this post,, a few hours ago
i heard on the news the largest spruce tree in the world,, here in oregon,,a sapling since the crusades split, ,toppled, 100,000 people a year visited it,

spruce is supposedly the best christmas tree ,,i believe a warning was just given,,







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