Code by Al Sutton

see also 2011 comet impact code

Great Earthquake

Central Search Term:† Great Earthquake, skip 8610, Numbers 7:8-Deuternonmy 2:29, lower right

Warning, skip 8610, lower middle.† Comet crosses Word of God diagonally sharing the bet, left middle at skip 17,218.

Meteor is to the right of comet, and just above another Word of God at skip=5.† D. H. Levy, the author of "Comets: Creators and Destroyers" and the co-discoverer of Shoemaker-Levy 9 runs diagonally from left-to-right in the upper right where it shares a daleth with Daniel at skip 8609 which then intersects with Cretaceous at skip 8610, sharing the yod.† A major cosmic impact killed the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous, and Levy makes clear that the same might happen to us if something the size of Shoemaker-Levy-9 hit the earth (skip=1, above meteor, and well below, where it intersects wormwood sharing the lamed).† Two, 4-character versions of 5771 (AD 2011) are in the center of the matrix to the right of Warning one at skip=2 (horizontal), one at skip=25,830 (vertical) and just below wrathful at skip=8610 (vertical).

Some Other Terms

Right side:† around Great Earthquake, then moving up:† Wrath at skip 8610 just below, gigantic, at skip=1 between wrath and earthquake, with wormwood in the lower right corner.† USA is at skip=34,440 which connects wormwood with another Word of God at skip=1 above the central term, sharing a bet, and USA also cuts across Word of God at skip=8609, sharing the resh.† The Hebrew term for UN lies just above Word of God at skip 8610.† Three miles cuts across UN in the upper right corner and runs parallel to shock, blow, or concussion in the upper right, both at skip =8610.† I hope this doesnít imply a 3-mile wide impactor, because thatís an extinction level event.

Two different forms of atonement are shown diagonally in pink squares, and the Day of Atonement falls in Tishri, which shares the Tav with one of the short-form 5771s in the central and middle-upper part of the matrix.† Does this allow us to determine this event to the exact day (18 Sep 2010)?† Maybe, but maybe not.† There are issues about the ceremonial versus civil year to consider, and also whether this code should even be interpreted this way.† This is the day predicted by Roy Reinhardtís long code for the return of the Messiah just for interest, but I donít think that is necessarily corroborating evidence.

Jupiter, coma, and crater <> are also found in the upper left part of the matrix just above meteor.†

In the lower left corner, THE BIG ONE, at skip = 1.

There are a lot more terms in this matrix that may apply, but itís overly busy the way it is.† If this code strikes a nerve, perhaps you should heed the warning and do the They Will Travel exodus to a place of relative safety (3 places, skip=1, across the lower left of the matrix.


Al Sutton, California, USA, 11 July 2004, 22 Tammuz 5764






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