The meaning of the flag.

Code by Andy and Fab

You will bury - America, He condemned

The same matrix - my original search -

Code begins in Numbers (skip 7317)

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Colour in matrix
Ohio lilac-blue squares

America - the full text of that vertical line reads "You will bury - America he condemned" - see below. red squares
judgment dark blue squares

(Sept 2012 - Sept 2013)

yellow squares
hit, shoot, sling red hourglasses
jagged grey hourglasses

stony, stone-like

grey squares

object, body brown squares
crater grey spots
holocaust light-blue spots

black race black diamonds
internment, detention, arrest green spots
camp, encampment, army green squares

death black hourglasses

doom, death black spots

Map interpretation by Captain Dave

Ohio may be one of the few places in America that will still be habitable after Yellowstone erupts. There are persistant rumours about FEMA internment camps being prepared for use in an 'emergency'.






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