The meaning of the flag.


Skip 2006 in 1 Samuel
Colour in matrix
Rome grey squares
war red spots
ambusher red hourglasses
wormwood brown squares
asteroid red squares black letters
ancient mauve spots
prophets olive green hourglasses
object olive green diamonds
sped black diamonds
night black spots
shattering light green spots black letters
percussion orange hourglasses
thundering light blue hourglasses
terrified pale blue spots
noise lilac blue hourglasses (horizontal)
noisy dark blue hourglasses
bang yellow hourglasses

burnt-up red diamonds
obliterate/eliminate red squares (mixed with noisy)
habitation green spots white letters
desolation black hourglasses

This code was found using Bible Codes 2000 software and displayed using Torah4u software.

"A great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky" - Rev 8:10.
This is a very tight cluster and very unlikely to occur by chance. Asteroid, wormwood and Rome are all close together with a skip of 2006. "Noisy" and "obliterate" are interwoven with each other - as are "burnt-up" and "thundering". The message seems to be that the asteroid called "wormwood" in revelation (the 3rd trumpet) will strike unexpectedly during the night. The noise will cause terror over a wide area and Rome will be completely destroyed by the impact explosion. I haven't found a date so far - it is difficult to find dates because there are various formats and so many combinations to look for.

Path of asteroid predicted by sources at the Vulcan Website.
(This map pre-dates my code findings)






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