The meaning of the flag.

Atomic Holocaust

Coded into Numbers and Deuteronomy (skip length 3133)

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Colour in matrix
ATOMIC HOLOCAUST yellow squares red letters (vertical) (starts in Numbers 29:9)
HE GAVE HIM MY TREATY OF PEACE black outline hourglasses (Numbers 25:12)
SHARON black outline circles
PRIME MINISTER black outline diamonds
LAHORE red hourglasses (vertical) (starts in Numbers 34:6)
KABUL purple hourglasses (vertical) (starts in Numbers 19:13)
MAINE dark blue hourglasses (vertical - crossed by "death")
KOREA blue-grey hourglasses (diagonal)
NORTH blue-grey hourglasses (horizontal)
SEOUL black outline squares (diagonal shares a letter with "abrupt)
RAMALLAH mauve hourglasses (horizontal across "atomic holocaust")
DELHI light blue hourglasses (vertical)
HANOI orange hourglasses (twice horizontal)
VIENNA light green hourglasses (horizontal)
ROME grey hourglasses (vertical)
ISRAEL pale blue spots (horizontal)
JAPANESE dark green squares (vertical)
INDIAN green squares (vertical) (starts in Numbers 34:6)
COMET green diamonds (vertical)
GOMORRAH grey squares (horizontal crosses "Rome") (Numbers 31:16)
FORNICATOR grey spots (horizontal interleaved with "Gomorrah") (Numbers 31:16)
MODIFIER grey diamonds (horizontal)
ALLIANCE brown diamonds (horizontal interleaved with "Israel" and "Japanese")
LIBERTY pale blue squares
SHIELD pale blue hourglasses
WARNED red diamonds (horizontal at top) (starts in Numbers 19:13)
ABRUPT black squares (horizontal twice under atomic holocaust)
DEATH black hourglasses (horizontal shares a letter with "atomic holocaust" and crosses "Maine") (Numbers 29:8)
THE BIG ONE brown spots (horizontal)
KILLING yellow spots (horizontal overwritten by "panic")
NOISY red spots (vertical overwritten by "desolation" "panic" "killing") (Numbers 31:16)
PANIC green spots (horizontal and vertical)
DESOLATION light red spots (vertical below "noisy")
SHOCKING olive green spots (vertical)
SHOCKED black spots (horizontal forwards and backwards across "atomic holocaust") (Numbers 34:6)
TERRIBLE blue diamonds (vertical)
TERROR dark blue diamonds (horizontal and vertical)
THUNDERING blue squares (horizontal)
SHININESS pink squares (vertical)
VAPORIZATION orange squares (horizontal)
WAILFUL orange spots (horizontal and vertical)
WAIL violet spots (horizontal)
ABLAZE mauve squares (horizontal)
BURNT mauve diamonds (vertical)
CONSUME yellow squares (horizontal)
DOOM black diamonds (horizontal) (Deut 8:19)
THIS DAY pale blue diamonds black letters (horizontal) (Deut 4:40)







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