The meaning of the flag.

Atomic Artillaryman

Coded into Deuteronomy (skip 498)

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Colour in matrix
ATOMIC ARTILLARYMAN black squares (vertical - 2 letters are shared with other words - skip 498)
JERUSALEM red squares
ARIEL brown squares (old name for Jerusalem)
RAMALLAH grey squares
AMBUSHER olive green houglasses
SUDDENLY red spots
ANNIHILATION black hourglasses
DESTROYED red diamonds
RUIN blue squares
SMITTEN black spots

SMOKING grey spots
APPALLING grey-blue hourglasses
TERRIBLE blue spots

WAILFUL pale blue squares

FIRE, GREAT NOISE red hourglasses
LETHAL black diamonds
DEATH dark blue hourglasses

NOISE grey hourglasses
NOISY pale green diamonds

PANIC yellow hourglasses

TERROR dark blue diamonds
WAIL pale blue hourglasses
WAILING pale blue diamonds

TRANSPORTER mauve squares
TRAWLER mauve hourglasses

Jerusalem (red squares)

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