Bible Code findings (2002)

A book has recently been published (includes Bin Laden) that mainly concentrates on searches for words contained in the Book of Revelation. It is 'The Future Prospects for the World According to the Bible Code' by Joseph Noah there is also a short review on the Book List page in the Bible Code section.
A lot of significant new details, particularly for the period 2010 - 2012, have been discovered so I will outline them here but I also recommend reading the whole book as there is a lot more in it than what is included here. I am a bit sceptical about some of the findings, and the methods used, but the results are interesting.

The tribulation time will be between 2005 and 2012 when 4,000,000,000 people will die.

2005 - False Arab/ Israeli peace treaty signed.

2006 - New Temple in Israel. Arab/Asia alliance formed.

2008 - Temple desecrated and 2 prophets killed in Jerusalem.

2010 - 3rd World War. H bombs used. Biological warfare causes the 'boils' pestilence. The asteroid falls in 3 pieces - on California, Utah and western Nevada. California sinks and floods. The Earth's crust slips relative to the rotation axis giving a pole shift of 5 degrees.

2011 - 3 asteroids hit Russia causing a 10° pole shift.

2012 - 3 asteroids hit China causing another 10° pole shift. Japan and the Philippines are lost underwater.

There is also an undated prediction of the impact of the 'Wormwood' asteroid into the Arabian Gulf.

Codes have been found suggesting that after 2010 no children will be born alive until 2045. The last child born will be a reincarnation of Adam who will be born to a community of people, numbering 144,000, who will have collected together from all over the world. These people will be reincarnated souls of Moses original followers and they will keep things together for 40 years until recovery starts in 2045.

The source of these asteroids will be Phobos, Mars' moon, according to this study, which is unlikely but possible. Phobos will be knocked out of Mars orbit and broken into 7 fragments which then fall onto the Earth. The fragment that hits America will be broken into 3 pieces by the Americans with a missile attack. In Revelation this is the red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns.




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