Exodus to Ethiopia Codes

3rd August 2006 - Numbers and Deuteronomy (skip 7249)
Colour in matrix
3 August 2006 (9 Av 5766) (starts Numbers 27:1) Red square white letters
Axum (Numbers 9:22) Red square black letters
They will travel (Numbers 9:22 "journeyed", "set-out", "marched on") Green squares
today (Numbers 22:27 written backwards) Dark green square white letters
Exodus (Numbers 27:1 "these are the names") Black square green letters
uprootable (starts Deut. 3:21) Purple spot white letters
they will travel / brought you out (Deut. 7:8) Blue diamond white letters
Word of God (Numbers 14:26) Mauve square blue letters
Tabernacle (Numbers 9:22) Mauve spot white letters
exalted (Numbers 9:22) Violet hourglass white letters
unadulterated (Deut. 28:12) Olive-green spot yellow letters
encampment (Numbers 31:39) Light brown square yellow letters
treasure (Deut. 28:12) Light brown spot black letters
desolation (Numbers 31:39 and Deut. 11:29) Blue spot white letters

This code was found using Bible Codes 2000 software and displayed using Torah4u software.

This is the only place where this date (3rd August 2006) is encoded. The word for "they will travel" is not common but actually occurs 3 times here - the third one is just to the left out of the frame. Since Axum and exodus are also present it seems most unlikely that it is just random chance. The presence of the word desolation (twice) may indicate that the nuclear war has already started by this date.

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My name A McCracken (blue) and Ethiopia (red) both at a skip of 1256. The text of the Bible at that point seems to point to a stay of 40 years in Ethiopia.



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