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Year 2004 - possible threat… :

See also this matrix combined with "Bin Laden and Twin Towers" in this combined matrix - 2 in 1 matrix

A word of caution : This matrix is not to be taken as deterministic since nobody knows, besides God indeed, what is really going to take place in the not too distant future, thus it is only a guess from my part...

Legend :

1)      « Terrify/scare/alarm or At that time/period, in 2004 » « Evil threat/intimidation/menace or Terrible/horrible/dreadful. Alertness/wakefulness » (starting from the letter ayin in the word “evil”)

2)      “Power/force of the slayer/murderer”

3)      “Days of Israel”

4)      “Great judgments...”

5)      “God has been noisy”

6)      “Abib (spring)”

7)      “Satan”

Below the same matrix with extra terms :

Legend :

1)      Main term «  At that time, in 2004 » « Evil menace. Alertness»

2)      « Islam, accelerator/catalyst (or you urge/spur/accelerate) : his speech/mouth !” (note that the first letter (alef) in the term “Islam” is shared with the alef of the vertical term “menace”…)

3)      “Language/speech/voice : Islam”

Same matrix with the term “For terror” in it :




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