The meaning of the flag.

Code by Fab

Atomic holocaust

Legend :

1)      « Atomic holocaust, dreadful/terrible (reverse) » Skip : - 11180 (second shortest skip in the whole Tanach)

2)      “In one day they shall die...” (very interesting given what we expect about the very likely duration of a nuclear warfare)

3)      “For the judgments”

4)      “Israel”

5)      “Lebanon” “Lebanon” (2 parallel occurrences of this term)

6)      “Egypt”

7)      “Quarrel”

8)      “For me the war”

9)      “Netanyahu” (horizontal)

10)  “Consumed”

11)  “Silencing”

12)  “The moon god”

13)  “Belial”

There are also 2 dates in that matrix : 2025-2026 (the closest but not at minimal skip) and 2006 with a very short skip, but farther, hence the reason it doesn’t appear at all in the matrix.







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