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The man Jesus broke the head.

This one is about a well known prophecy in Genesis 3:15 many commentators associate with Christ. Encoded in this very passage (by parsing the letters a bit differently) I found the expression "the man Jesus broke his head" in the expression of the surface text "it shall bruise thy head"...

For instance Jamieson, Fausset and Brown in their commentary say:

15. thy seed—not only evil spirits, but wicked men. seed of the woman - the Messiah, or His Church [CALVIN, HENGSTENBERG].

I will put enmity between thee and the woman—God can only be said
to do so by leaving "the serpent and his seed to the influence of their
own corruption; and by those measures which, pursued for the salvation
of men, fill Satan and his angels with envy and rage."

thou shalt bruise his heel—The serpent wounds the heel that crushes
him; and so Satan would be permitted to afflict the humanity of Christ
and bring suffering and persecution on His people.

it shall bruise thy head—The serpent’s poison is lodged in its head;
and a bruise on that part is fatal. Thus, fatal shall be the stroke
which Satan shall receive from Christ, though it is probable he did not
at first understand the nature and extent of his doom.







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