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On the mount of the living: Jebel Hillel.

A code about the exact location of Mount Sinai, I tried several possibilities and only one (Jebel Hillel) showed up with an interesting connection to the surface text.,9171,808671,00.html

Most recent theory is that in their Exodus the Israelites did not follow the southern route traced by tradition, but the sandy northern road along the Mediterranean coast (see map). In that case, Mount Sinai should be that unimpressive mound known as Jebel Hillel, 30 miles south of El Arish, and rising a mere 2,000 ft. from the alluvial plain.

Majestic Moment. Foremost supporter of Jebel Hillel is Dr. Benjamin Mazar, Archaeologist President of Tel-Aviv's Hebrew University. To get to Jebel Hillel, he points out, the Israelites would have had to cross a marshland sometimes known as the Sea of Reeds, which might well have been that Red Sea whose waters parted to let the Children of Israel through. Dr. Cahane backs up Dr. Mazar's theory: according to legend, he says, Sinai was not a high but a low mountain—evidence of Jehovah's willingness to descend to man's level.




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