Codes by Fab

WARNING  the matrices below may offend you and i don’t want to offend anyone, one must bear in mind that i am not the author of the Bible Codes, nor the Bible, and thus not responsible for what they say.

The Islam

Legend :

1)      « The Islam »

2)      « Religion (of)  the Medes and the Persians »

The Islam

Legend :

1)      « The Islam »

2)      « The evil God  »

3)      “He will threaten”

4)      “Comes from the animosity/enemity”

The Islam

Legend :

1)      « The Islam »

2)      « Light like that of the demons »

3)      “Religion (of) Ishmael son (of) Abraham...”

4)      “The devil”

5)      “Sodom”

6)      “Sodom”

7)      “Demons”

Allah the Moon God :

Legend :

1)      «Name  : Allah the Moon God »

2)      “You shalt not bow down yourself unto them, nor serve them : for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me” (one letter of the term “allah the moon god” share a letter with the word “hate”) (this is a verse from the passage about the Ten Commandments where God forbids to serve other gods... Deuteronomy 5:9)

Allah the false God :

Legend :

1)      « Allah (the) false God »

2)      “He will fight against Israel”

3)      “There is none holy as the Lord; for there is none beside you; nor there is any rock like our God...”

4)      “Hell’s God” 

Endure, Buddhist

Legend :

1)      « Bear/endure/suffer, Buddhist ! » (interesting to note that the buddhist philosophy teach how to suppress all forms of sufferings through the removal of all desires)

2)      “Because they have forsaken me, and have estranged this place, and have burned incense in it unto other gods” (a letter from the term “Buddhist” is found in the word “incense”...)

To the Buddhist

Legend :

1)      « To the Buddhist ! »

2)      « Weak the whole day ! » (This is precisely the condition to which leads the Buddhist practice)

3)      “Idol. Lamp in me : Bear/endure your burden !” (the same expression “bear/endure” found in the previous matrix...)

4)      “Satan, shame (the) door !” (It may be a reference to Jesus-Christ who calls Himself “the door” in the NT : John 10:7 “Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep...” Interesting observation for those who think there are several paths to God...)

Dalai Lama matrices

Legend :

1)      « Dalai Lama, he will threaten »

2)      “Evil man” (note : All the names of evil men like Hitler i have searched for in the Bible showed up near that expression)

3)      “The heart of man is evil from his youth...”  (The Dalai Lama wrote a book titled “The good heart”, read article further below)

Legend :

1)      « The Dalai Lama »

2)      « The master will darken, this (is an) evil business »

3)      “He has inspired for Satan”

4)      “Evil guest”

5)      “Against/anti God”

6)      “Hell” “Hell” or “Saul” “Saul” (Saul is a type of the Antichrist in the OT)

Legend :

1)      « Dalai Lama »

2)      « For/to Azazel »

3)      “Impure/unclean/profane”

4)      “Demoniacal/satanical” “Lama”




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